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Friday, June 4, 2010

Fact File 1#

1# Totally helplessly in love with the new Moschino Light Clouds edition despite the funny kiwi shaped bottle head...It really does make me think of light fluffy clouds on a cool, worry free day, a day perfect for kite flying and ice cream that melts on your fingertips.

2#That my boss is also human, ie he too checks out entertainment pieces while working-in his case while overseeing a case.

3# Finally believes in the existence of Bambi Prunes( translation: a recently discovered species of ancient, adorable, white tufted, balding, pocket sized indian men of prune like texture and appearance along with big dewy bambi eyes behind ancient half moon spectacles-eyes prone to staring into space for hours at a time after which subject would suddenly snooze off like a dead log).

4# Saw the massivest book ever- 8 inches thick. If that book were dropped from the 7th floor of a building onto the head of some poor unfortunate soul, not only will the head be smashed to pulpy powder but he will also be driven like a nail, a few inches into the pavement.

5# Malaysian drivers use the fast lane to talk on their mobiles, apply makeup or perform daily hygiene runs( read: pick nose, cut nails) while on the run. Side effects include accidents that cause long ass jams that are completely unnecessary.

6# I'm turning 22 in 15 minutes time. Wish God would give me a break and freeze me at age 21 or at least take away my age tracking ability so that in my head ill forever be 21. I think shops like Forever 21 exist to reinforce this wanton reluctance to grow up.