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Friday, December 9, 2011

The Story of the Hair & the Vitamin

There was once a Hair Vitamin that someone recommended and of course, for lack of a better term, a messy crown of Hair. The Hair was erratic, wavy, frizzy and dry. It's beauty enveloped in messy trails of charred life.
"Yes," it said, " A Vitamin made for me that would actually replenish me and is not a lie like all the others!.Something that had always been there but which I overlooked. Yet whose value I see now shining triumphant in front of my once blind eyes."
Eyes watered and a single tear rolled down the dry canvass of the Skin. " At last I'd found it! Something made solely for me." And the Hair was happy and so was the Vitamin because it had been lonely all those years on the shelves and finally it could replenish something that really needed it.
They were both happy in each other for some time.

The Glory Days faded....
The effects were wearing off.
As a result of using too many capsules of Vitamin at a time in happiness, the Hair the Vitamin had once replenished turned greasy, dull and heavy. It lost its former shine that had always been there despite the frizz.
The Vitamin also grew weary having to replenish the Hair all the time and it got frustrated at not being able to completely rid the Hair of its frizz that always returned after a while.
The Hair said to herself sadly," The Vitamin was just like the rest".
The Vitamin said to himself sadly," I thought I could replenish her but her needs are too much."

And quietly the Hair and Vitamin parted ways.

They did still love each other but they had accepted that they were two such entities that had been destined to cross paths.

The Hair later learned to replenish itself and stopped expecting the Vitamin to do it all the time and beamed in pride at having learned how to do this and she was thankful to the Vitamin for being brave and honest enough to teach her this lesson.

The Vitamin also learned to be patient and not expect the effects to be immediate, that trust and patience would wean any Hair back to its former glory, that he did not have to replenish the Hair all the time. That all that the Hair needed was for the Vitamin to be there.

The Hair and Vitamin both smiled to themselves, drowning in lovely memories wrapped in a single four leaved clover.