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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good bye 2009

How fast time flies...Here in Malaysia, in half an hour's time, it's gonna be a whole new day of a new year. For those sadists out there, it's still 2 years short of the Mayan calendar's fateful prediction. Usually I'd be cringing at the self inflicted throes of embarrassment and what not but this year I must say, I've been a very very lucky girl :)

I've found new friendships, patched old but dear ones, become closer to existing ones and weeded out the toxic ones and found out that it's not so bad to be on your own; on the contrary it's rather empowering to know you can stand on your own two feet and only hang out with people because you WANT to.

And I shall not forget the Lady who keeps the candle of hope burning for an entire nation. Your strength will prevail and they will be dust very soon.

Monday, December 21, 2009

It only rains in a world without umbrellas

I don't usually write about my detailed personal woes on my blog but it's one of those times now, where you feel the world crashing down on you when you feel you've lost the connection, or friendship with someone that you were truly twin souls with. If i could say RIP to that relationship, I would but as always im the mad hatter of helpless hope, and i still hope, despite all odds that i won't lose this. If I could have that remote control from click, I'd use it to just pause my life right now in it's tracks and re-evaluate things.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wild Fox

I am TOTALLY digging these savvy fashion-art pictures from

As always due to the crappy limiting capacity of blogspot, i can't show these pictures in their original size which is LARGE. So please enlarge to view. Thanks :)

Friday, December 18, 2009


I was wondering who reads my blog. Please tell me who you are by filling in these questions!

What's your name?/How old are you?/What kind of colour are your eyes?/Where do you live?/What do you do?/Favourite book/Favourite movie?/Favourite band/singer?/What's your favourite song right now?/What are your hobbies?/Favourite quote?/What would you like to see more on this blog?

Totally Random

How long could you survive after punching a bear in the balls?
Take this hilarious quiz at ( about how long you'll survive after kicking a bear in the balls). Word of Caution: You might not want to try this in real life :)

Apparently I could:

How long could you survive after punching a bear in the balls?

HAHA...Should I yay or cry?

Where's my golden ticket?

It's been a while since I last read Roald Dahl books...They're the epitome of a whangfizzdoodling gobsmacker aka a medley of everything wonderful and creative in this world. I used to remember the times when as a kid, I used to have a thumping heart eager with excitement when I got my hands on a Roald Dahl book. Charlie & the chocolate factory and Fantastic Mr Fox will always be my darlings of the lot. Ahhh some things are a classic. And Roald Dahl's books in my opinion, are the REAL classics. When was the last time you read a Dahl book and got comfortably lost in a fun alternate reality where anything seemed possible, even the most preposterous things, like the existence of say, an all access glass elevator and an entire factory of mouthwatering chocolate in amusement park style?!

Thinking of the quirky characters and the solid moral lessons in his non-presumptuous style , gives me hope and cheer on a bad day...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nitpicking words

So it seems like a decade has passed and I've been rooted to the same spot...well more like frame of mind. Little cousin has had his operation and the whole clan is sighing a collective sigh of relief. "I've never been happier" would be a lie but it wouldn't be one to say it is one of my happiest times. I think happiness isn't the word. I think the appropriate words are RELIEF & GRATEFULNESS.

Therefore in celebration of that, I'm gonna resume what I do best-being a critic and what better thing to criticize at this precise moment than twilight. And hey presto here's a big slab of dissing at Twilight. Tehee :)

How Twilight Works

A few weeks ago I had the miserable experience of reading Twilight. A friend bought it for me and I took it with me to read on a long flight from Seattle to Houston. I knew it was going to be crappy, but I thought it would be a guilty pleasure kind of crappy - where you know it's bad but you still get enjoyment out of it. I actually managed to power through around 400 pages until I gave up and started reading Sky Mall. I've been seeing Twilight everywhere lately, especially with Vampire Teens II New Moon's release, so I thought I'd break down why chicks go apeshit for it.

The fans

First off, the author creates a main character which is an empty shell. Her appearance isn't described in detail; that way, any female can slip into it and easily fantasize about being this person. I read 400 pages of that book and barely had any idea of what the main character looked like; as far as I was concerned she was a giant Lego brick. Appearance aside, her personality is portrayed as insecure, fumbling, and awkward - a combination anyone who ever went through puberty can relate to. By creating this "empty shell," the character becomes less of a person and more of something a female reader can put on and wear. Because I forgot her name (I think it was Barbara or Brando or something like that), I'm going to refer to her as "Pants" from here on out.


So after a few chapters of listening to Pants whine about high school, sucking at volleyball, and being the center of attention, the second major character is introduced. Imagine everything women want in a man, then exaggerate it by ten thousand - and you've got Edward Cullen. The level of detail that the author goes into while describing Edward's appearance is remarkable. At one point while reading I started counting the number of times the author used the expression "Edward's perfect face," and it was far into the double digits. The author excruciatingly details his muscular pecs, clothing, hair, eye color - even his goddamn breath (I'm not joking).


Edward intensely listens to everything Pants has to say, even if she's bitching about the diarrhea she had on Christmas or her preferred method for cutting a sandwich in half. As far as the reader is concerned, Edward cares about nothing in the world more than Pants. What the author has done is created a perfect male figure - a pale Greek statue which the reader can worship and in turn be worshipped by.


So what about men that like Twilight?
If you're male and you like Twilight, you're gay. I don't mean that in the derogatory sense, I mean it in the "you want to put your testicles against another man's testicles while gripping handfuls of chesthair" kind of way.

And the movie?
The movie is just the same uninspired crap shat out onto a film reel. If you like the taste of horse manure on your bologna sandwiches, you're probably gonna like it on your birthday cake as well. The same principle applies with Twilight.

Beyond that, it's just a romance novel with the occasional vampire teen drama bullshit peppered here and there. It doesn't really break any new ground in the realm of vampire fiction, other than portraying vampires as a family of uncomfortable retards who prance around the woods eating deer and bunny rabbits. There's lots of nervous lip-biting, tender kisses between Pants and Edward, and lengthy descriptions of every feature of Edward's body. Pants is a static character who never really progresses beyond being an insecure vampire fangirl who obsesses over Edward. Whether her character grows beyond that is unknown to me, I'd stopped reading by then and shifted my attention to an electric butt-massaging chair in Sky Mall.

The Twilight formula

This was written and illustrated by weeks, 3 days ago

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Everyday Art

Since worrying for Lounas is getting nowhere, I decided to find some peace, at least visual wise online. And here's what I found. Very interesting ideas that have been put into..err practical use.

Got it all from this amazing site:

Monday, December 7, 2009



I'm so worried for my little cousin Lounas...He's only 7 years old. He's a G6PD carrier.
G6PD deficiency is an inherited condition in which the body doesn't have enough of the enzyme glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, or G6PD, which helps red blood cells (RBCs) function normally. This deficiency can cause hemolytic anemia, usually after exposure to certain medications, foods, or even infections.

He's contracted a particularly bad bout of bacterial infection through food poisoning after going to Burma for vacation with his family. He was all excited and happy as all little energetic 7 year olds are and now instead of enjoying the trip with the rest of his siblings he's terribly sick and on IV drips at the hospital...Amongst the flummoxing bevy of medical terms thrown above my head between my dad and his contacts at Lounas' hospital I gathered that his situation, if it not handled delicately, would be fatal. Well the only thing we can do is pray and pray i shall. Still that doesn't stop me from crying constantly. And i haven't cried for a while now. Don't let me start on my aunt and mom...After all's said and done, fingers crossed, knees bent in prayer, a candlelight burning in my heart for him. Get well soon little dear! We're all waiting for you back home...

Franco Mania

Sunday, December 6, 2009

This is how we do :)

This is a cute little time lapse experiment by my very talented photographer best friend. It made my day so I just had to share it :)

Check out her flickr account at

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Suu Kyi detention appeal rejected

My country must be the only country in the world where it "rejects" an "appeal" from a completely innocent party who was arrested for fighting for a universal right and punished as a result of it. Wait! It's the status quo of the world now but rejecting an appeal against an extended conviction is just pushing it too far. Their idiocy and lack of shamelessness and blunt oafishness never fail to surprise me.

Page last updated at 05:04 GMT, Friday, 2 October 2009 06:04 UK

Ms Suu Kyi's conviction drew widespread international condemnation
A Burmese court has rejected an appeal by pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi against her extended detention, officials say.
Ms Suu Kyi was found guilty in August of violating the terms of her house arrest after a US man swam uninvited to her lakeside home.
She was sentenced to 18 months' further house arrest, which will keep her out of elections scheduled for next year.
Ms Suu Kyi has already spent 14 of the past 20 years in detention.
"The appeal was rejected but we will take it to the high court," her lawyer, Nyan Win, said after the hearing.
Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy won the country's last elections in 1990 but was never allowed to take power.
Observers believe Burma's military authorities want to keep the pro-democracy leader in detention until after polls scheduled for next year.
The court ruling comes days after the US said it would pursue greater engagement with Burma's generals in a bid to advance democratic reform there.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Walk the line

I think I'm in love with Johnny Cash. I wish I'd lived during his time so I can experience the music and "the man" first hand.

Cavorting with the dark side

Your Name is Black
Your name tells people that you are serious and sophisticated. Your name makes you seem like a total mystery.
You are elegant and a bit apart from everyone else. You are much more formal than those around you.

People see you as smart and together. You also come off as a bit eccentric, and others respect that you are different from them.
You can adapt well to most situations, but you never feel like you truly fit in anywhere.

You Are Black
You are a serious and thoughtful person. You spend a lot of time in quiet reflection.
You are a friend of the honesty, and you don't sugar coat anything. You prefer the truth in all its complexity.

While you may relate to the color black, it doesn't necessarily mean you're a dark person. You just don't hide from the dark side of life.
If anything, you tend to be sophisticated and classic. You don't follow trends, and you have your own style of doing things.