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Friday, December 4, 2009

I am so getting them for my BPZ!

Just don't throw them out with the bathwater! (How putting babies in a bucket really will calm them down again)


Last updated at 9:21 AM on 04th December 2009

    They say you should be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. And this cute bunch, relaxing after a baby massage class, will definitely be happy to stay just where they are.

For these are no ordinary baby baths, but special 'Tummy Tubs', which are designed to make tiny tots feel snug and secure.

'Babies like to be confined - they are used to it,' explains a spokesman for the company. They instinctively go into a foetal position and they feel so at home. It's particularly good if they're colicky.'

Enlarge Snug fit: Babies in Ijmuiden in The Netherlands try out the buckets, after a baby massage session

Snug fit: Babies in Ijmuiden in The Netherlands try out the buckets, after a baby massage session

And what's more, because of the smaller surface area, the water in a Tummy Tub (which should initially be at body temperature) stays warm for much longer, so infants can stay in the tub for up to 15 minutes (as long as their shoulders are covered in water). And no, you couldn't get away with just dunking your child into the mop bucket.

The £20 tubs, which are available from Mothercare and John Lewis, have a rounded shape that makes them more comfortable, and there's also an anti-skid rubber ring on the bottom to stop them from flying across the floor.

So much for the tubs, then. But what about baby massage?

It may sound like a bit of a New-Age fad, but it actually has a long history of being used to calm fractious tots in Asian cultures.

'Basically, baby massage involves a mixture of lightly pressured stroking movements across the body,' says Michelle Powell, a certified infant massage instructor, based in Kingston, South-West London.

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