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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good bye 2009

How fast time flies...Here in Malaysia, in half an hour's time, it's gonna be a whole new day of a new year. For those sadists out there, it's still 2 years short of the Mayan calendar's fateful prediction. Usually I'd be cringing at the self inflicted throes of embarrassment and what not but this year I must say, I've been a very very lucky girl :)

I've found new friendships, patched old but dear ones, become closer to existing ones and weeded out the toxic ones and found out that it's not so bad to be on your own; on the contrary it's rather empowering to know you can stand on your own two feet and only hang out with people because you WANT to.

And I shall not forget the Lady who keeps the candle of hope burning for an entire nation. Your strength will prevail and they will be dust very soon.