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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hello world!

Ok so I havent posted anything in quite a LONG while. For starters, here are the newbie realizzies(realizations) as I call them:

1) I thought 4th year law school would be well a little different but cynicism has put me back in place. Law school: no life, the thing should have been life revolves around coffee, library,coffee, lecturers that look like hindi movie police inspectors, fines, fines and more fines, books that cost a bomb, still no cute guys( you'd think slodging through for 4 years, they'd have some sort of consideration waiting for you at the end).

2) Futsal is fun but if the sun is your enemy, and i dont mean in the vampire sense, then you also tan like a roti boy bun on overbake.

3) I love my friends. They are so retarded that they are the new COOL. They are what makes my life in law school bearable.

4) I saw the light at the end of the tunnel in the form of life after uni. But today it was spoiled when I saw the people showcasing the popular law firms look the same as the people here. The only difference is you see more panda garb( ie black n white).

5) If the distance I walk to and from library to class and back to the parking were to be converted into energy, it would be enough to power my law faculty for all the 4 years of my cul de sac life here.

6) I have a bald dean who turns purple giving passionate lectures about Evidence Law and whose veins pop out like a drug addict in serious need of rogaine. I like that he bursts out in random trains of tamil. It just sounds so funny.

7) I hate AIKOL cafe because the stench of all the fried, oily stuff there sticks to your clothes like tar. Nevermind that you can't go in w.o soiling your favourite baju kurung for eternity and beyond, olfactory wise. But then I shoved my own stand down an imaginary mafia midget with a toothbrush when I fell for the lovely cucur udang with chilli sauce...Thinking about those cucur udangs make me so hungry.

8) I swear AIKOL cats are laughing at you all the time. They have an underground, very hush hush campaign to slowly drive students to madness with their constant furry presence and hijacking of bag space. They are evil.

9) I have come to the conclusion that my skin complexion is akin to a burned, toasted tofu. Sigh.

10) I want macaroons. I don't care how. I want them now.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tsunami Rider

This has got to be the craziest, bravest surfer ever! Respect~!