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Friday, February 27, 2009

Beautiful Faces

I've just realized that I've become rather too cozy at home, a bit of a misanthropist and this is what I've ended up doing rather than going out. Rather indulging in it actually.

Time after Time

Im feeling awfully like I'm wasting my time. I hate it when this happens. I should be doing something productive! A part of me says I deserve this Me Time...I've been so busy with work but another part of me says I should be doing house chores, helping mom and talking to my old man because I rarely have time to talk to him on weekdays. Urrgh! I wish i wasn't so Type A. I wish I could afford to be more laid back and carefree without thinking about other people all the time.

One thing I've known since I was a child was that while i can be empathetic, emotional and self apologizing even when not necessary, I've also had a stubborn side to me that was firm, set and as immovable as Himalayas when the time came to be. That side of me dictated that I do not submit to grovelling no matter how high the bribe, stakes or greener pastures offered were. People say there is always a price at which you can buy over a person but I beg to differ. Even if you threw a stack of all the world's money at me with promise of more to come, if I feel that my dignity or pride is at stake I won't catch a whiff of a note. No Sireee...

But then again I do have a price in the sense that you can buy me over with sincerity. If you are sincere and honest in your demands, I might just make an exception to it as long as I am treated like an equal, the relationship is two way
(of give and take) and I am given the respect I deserve. Many people fail to see that I can be easily bought over like this and when they expect me to grovel in return for the glamourous once in a life time(so called) opportunities, I get pissed and hard headed as a mule, stick to my guns and never ever acquiesce to their high handed demands of servitude.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

This is so insightful and spot on!

Your Valentine's Day Personality is Cynical

You really, truly hate Valentine's Day. It's your least favorite day of the year.

You think Valentine's Day fake, tacky, over the top, and meant to make single people feel bad.

You realize that Valentine's Day is a holiday that only benefits companies... not couples.

You know that real love is not about teddy bears and roses, and you feel like the holiday cheapens emotions.

Stereotypes and the Stereotyper

I finally have seen stereotyping gone wrong with my own eyes. I mean i know everyone is a hypocrite in that sense because every one says as if by rote" Stereotyping is wrong" and then in the next sentence goes on to say something that complete deflates the effect of that sentence like " All debaters are pompous asses".

People have told me repeatedly that debaters are arrogant assholes with a little bit more knowledge in their over inflated heads than others and think that that gives them a right to think they're better than everyone else. I beg to differ. I went to this debate league because i was invited by a dear friend of mine( who does not in my opinion fall within the crude definition provided by the ignorant masses)to attend.

I got the shock of my life in a pleasant,boisterous, lively way. Everyone there was so warm, friendly and encouraging. And what some people get intimidated by, i do get intimidated too but i can draw the line between the alter debate personalities and their real life personalities. These people are just like us...who like to debate. Not debaters who might or might not be like us.

I found that they were more human and supportive than the ones that condemned them, more humble even. I made so many new friends. The seniors were so supportive and encouraging of me when i was all nerves and jitters. And i would soon become used to jovial cheers and claps whenever i got a point across. The sense of camaraderie is so fulfilling. I felt like i might actually belong here because the people here were like me.Im not trying to spread pro debater propaganda. What im trying to say pervades the larger picture. That we really shouldn't stereotype people unless we've had a first hand experience with them ourselves and even then if it's just one individual that acts like the whole world is a cushion for his ass, then we shouldn't(tempting as it may be) automatically assume that the whole crop is bad. Unless the majority of that group prove themselves to be assholes and are driven by the wrong ideals of course.

But debaters they're just trained to think on their feet and to argue, logically, not maliciously. I really think the essence of debate itself should be clearly seen as separate from debaters no matter what kind of people might become debaters. I like the essence of debate which is that it allows for a healthy exchange of information in a controlled setting. It helps us develop our analytical, cognitive faculties. It helps you organize, absorb and process information in a way that is structured and rational. So that people get what you're saying in a clear way. And when you get your points across well you are rewarded for it. I find nothing wrong in this. In fact its what most people need but fail to see.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

For Boredom's Sake

Your Taste in Music Says You're Dynamic

Your musical tastes are energetic and rhythmic.

You are full of energy and can be quite talkative.

You are forward thinking and open minded.

You despise conservatism of any sort.

You are intense, detail oriented, and motivated.

You are an ambitious person, though your ambition is anything but conventional.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A La Menthe

Today just gave new meaning to the words craziness,camaraderie,extreme camwhoring and fortune cookies

I had so much fun today with my girls.I really needed this day out after all the stress of tests and assignments I've been through(like going through hell and back!) I haven't met up with them for so long! Seriously i think there's nothing like a cup of much needed bubbly girlfriends' day out cheer to make the world go around...mine in particular. Living in today's times mean that we hardly have time to catch up with our oldest friends let alone scratch our backs. And trust me I know...and it doesn't help that i suffer from a double dose of perfectionism and workaholism. These girls are my shoulders to cry on...I've been friends with them since forever and i know they're the people who would actually laugh if i trip but CATCH me if i fall. I can count on them. I love them to death. So here it goes: "Bros before Hoes!"