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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Today just gave new meaning to the words craziness,camaraderie,extreme camwhoring and fortune cookies

I had so much fun today with my girls.I really needed this day out after all the stress of tests and assignments I've been through(like going through hell and back!) I haven't met up with them for so long! Seriously i think there's nothing like a cup of much needed bubbly girlfriends' day out cheer to make the world go around...mine in particular. Living in today's times mean that we hardly have time to catch up with our oldest friends let alone scratch our backs. And trust me I know...and it doesn't help that i suffer from a double dose of perfectionism and workaholism. These girls are my shoulders to cry on...I've been friends with them since forever and i know they're the people who would actually laugh if i trip but CATCH me if i fall. I can count on them. I love them to death. So here it goes: "Bros before Hoes!"


Naina said...

AW! I love the last part

i know they're the people who would actually laugh if i trip but CATCH me if i fall.

MWAH! Love you susu! and Bros before Hoes?? You watch How I Met Your Mother as well???

Naina said...

and p.s.
the running around KLCC bit, ill never forget haha. that was like WHOAAAA!

Su Kyaw Khairun said...

Omg yeah that was my fav bit amongst my many fav bits of the day heheh! Love u too babe. Nope ddnt watch it. I heard it from GG! If u have the other episodes can i download it from ur lappie wen i come to ur house?

Naina said...

who says that in GG?
sure. i have all the seasons/episodes till the latest from How I Met Your Mother.

Or are u talking about latest episodes of GG? yes i have em too and u can take them from me anytime.

Gold Dust said...

its hoes b4 bros

Abeer! said...

I thought it was a campaign insult for Obama v. Hilary- Broes before Hoes.

Su Kyaw Khairun said...

Mon: No its bros before hoes in the sense that its girlfriends(non sexual) before boyfriends(sexual) get it?

Abeer: Hell no! I wasnt referring to any campaign insult. Wasn't it abt a capuchin monkey?