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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Of piranhas and pirouttes

So here i sit, staring blankly at the screen...

What have I been up to after the whirl of crazy law exams? Well for starters, Ive been teaching little kids English at a tuition centre and I rate it as the best job ive had so far, in terms of job satisfaction. Sure I had to chafe and grate and squeeze my vocal chords to make my intentions heard amongst a classful of little piranhas with cute faces all clamouring for attention around the live bait that was me, but I guess Im just a huge mushbucket waiting to be let out of the closet when it comes to kids and their wide eyed gullibility.

Amidst being set up as the designated station for glitter application central for their parent appreciation cards( Mommy Daddy I love you for all you've done for me)and simultaneously having to deal with glitter stuck on my ass and kids trying to eat them, I reached a few epiphanic milestones:

1) I will set up a shrine for my former school teachers in devout reverence of the
shit they had to put up with while trying to shove knowledge down our screaming

2) I will always gape in admiration at a family of more than 3 kids, all well
behaved. Either the parents use non conventional methods of disciplining the youth
or they really are super star parents who've mastered the art of child management
(who can say they've really learnt) through experience.

3) I am definitely not ready to have kids for the next 10 years or until Ive
outgrown my own 6 year old kid in me( though i suspect he's a non ager). But then
again this 6 year old alter ego is what helps me connect with my students.
Speaking of paradoxes...

4) Its more challenging to teach kids but that I prefer teaching a class full of
rowdy kids to a one on one session with some awkward young adult who's a year or
two my junior. That very same awkward young adult would also be even more awkward because he won't know whether addressing me as Miss would be too formal for someone who's just a year his senior and also if addressing me on a first name basis might be a bit rude. So the result is that the AYA( awkward young adult) ends up "aheming" to get my attention whenever he needs to say anything or when he needs me to check his work.

5) That it takes real mad skills to manage a class full of rowdy, robust, hyperactive
12 year old kids and so far ive met only one person whom i admire for being able
to do that without raising her voice and that is Miss Nanee, the tuition centre's
owner and principal. Where I had to yell to bring what im saying to their
attention, Miss Nanee with 10 years experience under her belt manages to stride
in, get their attention through her cheerful but firm demeanour and gasp(!)
actually get them excited about learning!

6) That it's a fresh experience and would add that to the list of experiences that
make me feel law school is bad but not THAT bad.