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Friday, December 4, 2009

Celebrities give boring generic interviews(yawn)

Do you realize that celebs give such boring generic interviews? All interviews smell of the same formula and try to expound the same things:

1) I'm filthy rich and famous but I want you to believe I'm a kind, sincere, humble and down-to-earth person( Oh and forget to mention that you're the sort of diva who would order someone to pick out all the red M & Ms from your specially designed platter).

2) I'm rich and famous but I'd trade it anytime, anywhere for family and friends( which brings us to the next commandment-see below)

3) I have a solid support group of family and friends who amazingly are always there for me even though I'm jet-setting all over the world being famous, and conveniently not remembering them.

4) My life is great on all levels now, the emotional, spiritual, social, career wise and I'm at my most stable and happiest now( in this case they seem to have a delusional or displaced reality disorder especially in the case of celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Amy Winehouse. Because obviously their self destructive antics in real life don't attest to commandment No 4).

5) Whatever has happened in the past has made me a much stronger and wiser person and I will not repeat it again( this coming from mouths like Britney Spears is an oxymoron*warning bells* LIAR)

6) I have a vivacious need to give back to the world, after the antics of celebrity baby mommas like Angelina Jolie( hence you see people like Madonna casually flitting through the adoption process and picking out some poor young sap from a 3rd world country like she would pick out a pet and give it the same superficial maintenance as the pet)

7) I don't work out. I hate working out.I eat junk food( yeah despite which you manage to retain a figure that could only be sculpted by the best paid trainers and dieticians in the world.Right).

8) I'm not as shallow as you think I am. I think personality is more important than beauty. Beauty is skin deep( tell that to your Botox infused, surgically enhanced face aka Demi Moore).

9) I'm kind of unique and expressive. I find happiness in the little things in life like the smell of my kids' hair( aww that would have been sweet if it were not for the fact that in real life you're an obsessive philanderer).


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