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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Past reflections

Wow this long sem break has been a whirlwind for me. Although i can't for the sake of drama say things like ive loved and lost, I could safely say that amongst many others, ive added to my list of human experiences: I've climbed and lived to climb some more hehe. Now that is some drama( i know sad but who cares to me it is drama worthy). I've had my share of ups and downs and holidays where i rotted away like a perpetual slug under a rock but this has been one of the better days...I hope Uni fares better for me. The things I did that ive always wanted to do these hols were:

1) Made cupcakes and baked chocolate cakes with mouthwatering icing(buttercream) for the kids. The joy on their faces and especially Baby Zara's choc smeared face lit with rainbow twinkles of effortless, pure happiness sent a bundle of serotonin shots running through my veins.

2) Rock climbing baby!! And I swear to God one day im gonna go deep water solo-ing. It's a cross between my two most favourite sports in the world: swimming and rock climbing( not to mention the constant companion in most of my endeavours, the adrenaline rush!).

3) Actually learned Arabic and Tilawah(like wow...)Great achievement for me considering that i have only the most basic, rudimentary skills in Quran reading.

4) I volunteered for a uni activity that was not grade related for once( breaking away from my inner nerd i call it :)): Mock trial scriptwriting. All the meetings followed up with raucous laughter and unexpected brainstorming sessions that proved fruitful really made me feel like i had a purpose.

5) Helped my aunt set up and man her jewellery stall at the klcc Annual International Jewellery Fest with great aplomb and finesse( ok i deserve that much amount of self flattery) along with my cousin. Ended up with a body of sore muscles but yeah the sense of accomplishment was there definitely and knowing me, i must have something to do otherwise I'd die of utter boredom and directionlessness.

6) And oh i've compiled an smashtastic playlist of lovely songs I've scavenged over the hols. I'm totally digging the Ghost Town soundtrack, especially John Mayer's Heart of life. It's so mesmerizing i keep playing and playing it and never get bored. I've done and Indie and Soul revival collection too. You don't need weed to get high or a caffeine fix. All you need is music and some imagination and wa-lah! U have your very own concoction of happiness in a bottle. Ok i sound really high now. I should stop before i ramble on about the meaning of happiness and i can feel a looong one coming.

7) And wait how could i forget? Ive actually managed to fulfill my social debts to my friends especially my bestest friends. They can't complain that it's like making a freaking appointment to get through to me anymore. Had fun fun fun and countless camwhore sessions and genuine only-we-know-what-the-hell-we're-talking-about-moments and laughing at the expense of people thinking we're total nuts. Ahhh...I'm glad i finally managed to meet up with dear Farah too. It's been so long since we last hung out and i love that girl. It's funny how sometimes Facebook proves itself useful and finds you a lifelong friend. But it was only for a really short while so that kind of leaves things hanging...anyhow at least i met her and that's good enough for me considering that she lives in Singapore and it's not everyday she comes down to KL.

P.s-Rest in Peace Mj.You were a flaming beacon of hope and musical creativity to a world gone to the dogs.
-Cheerio :D


Sydrah M. said...

ur a scriptwriter?dats so cool!what's da story about?oh btw,dont worry bout me stalking u,i stalk everyone's blogs during da hols...dats how productive i was..hahaha!but i save only the good links.

Su Kyaw Khairun said...

Hey sydrah, im honoured to have u stalk my blog ok. Likewise im stalking urs :P Yeah...the story is abt a crazy dad killing his prostitute daughter when he finds out she's a prostitute. Why dont u come audition? Its on monday 8 to 10 pm