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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another IJR epiphany

Ive just realized that a lot of my posts start with I've just realized. Therefore from now onwards ill abbreviate and it shall be "IJR''. IJR that i have an intense thing for mythologies especially Greek and Egyptian. One of the things i like about media concerning Greek and Eyptian mythologies is how everything is narrated to sound magnanimous and otherworldy. For example "Therefore Kratos embarked on a journey that Zeus had feared he would" in that mysterious, aged, feminine voice. I feel like ive been transported to that world, that giant titans with temples on their backs and vengeful sadistic gods made the world their playground. It's exhilarating and exciting, a good escape if mortal earthly life gets too boring which isn't hard to come to fruition for the likes of someone like me-i get bored SO easily!

I was thinking how fun I'd be if I could have my own personalized booming female voice to announce the daily ups and downs of my life. " Su thus woke up to a treacherous morning and faced the moat of metal mobiles that crunked her groove and made her late for work''. ''Thereafter he was called the Ladoo for his intrinsically shaped cylindrical form and a ruddy leer accompanied by a sneering, silky voice that felt like verbal rape to the person he was speaking to''. '' She felt like her soul was on fire but she tried to put on a metal mask to block out the burning furnace from prying eyes.'' ór '' She was overjoyed at the prospect of that which made her irrevocably happy, without the need for dishing out her moolah''. It'd at least make me feel like SOMEONE if i had a booming personalized mythologized voice dictating important events in my life. Imagine how much more funnier it'd be if it were narrating something retarded in that voice. '' The mini in front of Su's sleek little box car bucked like a horse on heat and capsized upon collision with the hillock that called itself a tollbooth, lying on its side, wheels a turning' to the chagrin of Su who hates obstacles on the road''.

Hahaha im high.

Btw anyone who hasn't played God of War, regardless of gender or race is a loser and has not lived life to the fullest.