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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things that piss me off

1) Ineffective government bureaucracies that levy exorbitant taxes on citizens towards whom they have failed in their governmental duties. Exhibit 1-Burmese Embassy. I mean not only do we have the crappiest government in the history of the world, but they also manage to extend their slimy fingers of evil tyranny and oppression all the way to a foreign country. Isn't it enough to torture people in their homeland? And when we appeal
"Sorry Maám the State won't allow that."
My ass they wont allow that.

Annoying drivers

on the road who should be scrapped of their license forever. There're those idiots who drive like on the fast lane at 20 km/h with the rightful aura of someone whose mother paved that road. Then there are those idiots who swerve into lanes just when they see an oncoming car w.o signalling. Then there are bigger idiots who slow down suddenly and you have to step on ur brakes like there's no tmro.

3)Lecturers that
your time with their knowledgeless yakking. Actually lecturers without substance or quality and the fact that this university would allow such sub grade lecturers to teach and no one says anything about it. I hate that I have no interest or confidence in their teaching and that i only go most days for the attendance's sake. There are a few rare gems
but those are hard to come by and when i do, i feel like i just found utopia and cannot believe my luck.

4)Shallow judgmental people who
you based on what they think you are, without getting to know you first.

5)The two faced, double standard wise western media that portray the Jews/Americans as faultless and God Almighty and everyone else as their subordinates prone to faults.

6)The hypocritical assholes who call themselves the Muslim Ulama and the Taliban who are actually acting for their own interest in their BIGOTRY infused systems, under the guise of religion.

7) Horny bastards that
wolf whistle

whenever they see a girl walking past. Come on...Aren't we in the 21st century? What happened to chivalry and civility and manners? It doesnt help that im already a feminist. It makes me see guys as being prone to acting by orders of their other "head" i.e- who have no self control over their primal side. Who throw away their intellectual capacity as a higher being with mental prowess by that discriminatory act towards women. Sure a
sluttily dressed woman might warrant such wolf whistles. But when a girl is dressed simply in jeans and a long sleeved tee, what is there to wolf whistle at?


Handsome Geek said...

those things really piss me off too.
Just this morning, idiot driver bang my car from behind and run away. luckily my car is hard enough :D
I hv seen many idiot lecturers when my college time (I really felt they wasted my time and sometime I felt, I can even teach them back :P).
Burmese gov and embassy, they are like cancer in my ass.

Abeer! said...

. i really loved the egg image. it made me laugh.
. i completely agree about the wolf whistling thing. it doesnt piss me off as much as it scares me that every roadside romeo is doing such a thing. its not about who is wearing what, they dont discriminate when it comes to things like that, rather, they do it just because they want to prove the sheer amount of testostrone they dont have.
like a friend of mine said, its like they're overcompensating for what they cant do.

. also, it would be a very good idea to just justify the entire document, because it loooks a weetle haphazard, so it looks streamlined. also, if you want to put certain words in the middle and all that you can change it. the effect for your big and small text will be much more awesomer.