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Monday, July 18, 2011

Analysis on Bersih 2.0

I'm just incensed at how people, yes, albeit people with brains cannot read through the slyly concealed and veiled layers of the Bersih rally. Yes i agree, it is a fundamental right of every human being to have free and fair elections but what we are not being told is that:

: the situation in malaysia is in no way comparable to egypt...our fundamental rights are not being challenged. No one is dying of hunger, no one is facing difficulty invoking the most basic of rights such as the right to work, own a home and get married.

: yes its true, the Malaysian ballot system is in want of a fairer system but I hardly think the situation is dire enough to warrant a drastic call for a rally disrupting trade and day to day activities in the capital city of the country.

: if the ballot system were indeed as unfair as they claim it to be, then how could the opposition have won seats in several states? Like Kedah? And fyi there is no government in the world that is free from corruption and granted yes, the current government is corrupt, but at least opposition parties are allowed to win seats. That shows that the situation is not as dire as they make it out to be.

: the Election Commissioner had already panicked and responded to Bersih's demands for a free election with the introduction of indelible ink...the leaders of Bersih, if that was solely their intent, untainted by ulterior political motives, could have avoided the unnecessary chaos and disruption of everyday life and tourism by setting up a meeting with the Election Commissioner and drawing up a petition.

: why did they shout " reformasi" instead of " bersih" if the intent of the rally was to call for the purification of elections. It is so glaringly obvious that the people in the rally- though the majority of them are sincere and they do want a fairer election system which is their right-failed to see the political backing and ulterior motives behind it....There is evidence to show that Azmin Ali contacted Murdoch and Murdoch referred him to George Soros to receive funding for the Bersih rally. And what is a Burmese national Maureen Aung-Thwin from George Soros funded Open Society Foundations doing in the middle of a Malaysian rally? If she were to be involved in a Burmese cause it is rightly so, but in a country that is nowhere near as bad as Burma( absolute dictatorial tyranny) it seems very fishy. True we may have a not so reputable Prime Minister but if u were to ask me, I would choose the lesser of the two evils in the face of a greater evil and an ominous foreshadowing of disunity and anarchy in a relatively harmonious country: George Soro's Open Foundations Agenda( to unsettle countries with a Muslim majority)...
Why would Anwar be interested in an election rally when he is still embroiled in the sex tape scandal? Can you truly say he is without his own agenda? It seems more like a diversion to get public pity and help him gain power through arousing the masses to rally when it could be solved by more amiable means...

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