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Friday, November 21, 2008

Anniversaries and Blushing cherries

Had an awesome day today...first went and "worked" or rather observed the trade of jewelry selling and negotiations and what not at my aunt's bling stall "Ruby Belles" at the Klcc Convention Centre's Jewelry Exhibition.Here my aunt had secured herself a cozy little stall situated comfortably near the massage machines(ahhh the luxury!), chic little cafe for customers and VIP toilets that they never intended for a lost little 20 year old girl in a bellowing mustard yellow dress and light blue jeans to use as her make up touch up base. Hahha. I learned loads and wads and dollops of new "ilmu" or knowledge I'd thought wasn't that hard to grasp( gemology) but which proved very trying...The result was that at the end of the day I sat in bespectacled awe at my aunt's prowess in navigating the risky waters of gem business filled with demanding and eccentric customers. Usually Chinese,Female, Wrinkled, Old and with a Bad Case of Hairstyling gone horribly wrong and every now and then speckled with a good dose of passionate customers on the lookout for family heirlooms. Then there was the Indian lady who insisted she was a "gemologist" and resorted to biting my aunt's rare South Sea Pearls between her nasty yellow teeth before my aunt could stop her or before I could reverse my automatic fake puking action... And then there were the flawless beauties...mysterious, powerful young women with enough drive and ambition to drive a life coach nuts and stomp on his own hypocrisies.

My aunt Zar Zar was such a sweetie. She was madly busy and in the awesomely professional way she conducted herself, one would never guess the strain and worry behind those smooth, pleasant features and energetic spring in her petite steps. One wouldn't know she was a mother of four young kids either unless she pulled out a wad of their photos as proof. She looked after me and gave me free reign to "decorate" and "exhibit" the jewelry...a colourful melee of sapphire, ruby,emerald,diamond, topaz,tomalin,jade,aquamarine and a hundred other gems crafted into bracelets,necklaces,pendants,rings,ear rings-you name it.

Then when i was sure i couldn't tear my eyes open any longer when the day wore late into the evening at around 6pm, my family came and whisked me away to this sumptuous restaurant in Bangsar Village called Delicious( where i pigged out big time and for once is not regretting it at all) to celebrate their 21st Wedding Anniversary. The ambience, food and service( the whole restaurant was filled with friendly Burmese a whom my mom knew-trust her to make the unlikeliest of contacts everywhere)really let us throw away our inhibitions and enjoy ourselves full out. I've never seen my parents look so happy enjoying the evening with us three clowns wedged between their ultimate right to privacy and some alone time. Oh well Au Revoir!Hahha.

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