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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Things I've been craving(and it's not chocolate)

1) A new handbag
2) Perfume-miss dior cherie
3) Fiberwig mascara
4) The entire twilight series
5) Gossip girls season 1 and 2
6) Heroes season 3
7) Wide leg jeans from Naf Naf & awesomely cute top from Miss Selfridge
8) Frames from Ikea and a new bulletin board
9) A job(tough luck)
10)The perfect accessories to go with an LBD
11)Bubble blower + soap
12)More money
13)Post paid credit so i can call my friends anytime i want and talk
14)Sign up for the creative writing course for the heck of it
15)Sign up for rock climbing
16)Hit the beach
17)A charmbracelet
18)An ipod
19)Gladiator sandals
20)Edward Cullen
21)Edward Cullen(again)
22)An automated room cleaner
23)My own personalized Happy Tree Friend stuffed toy(preferably capable of becoming real and smashing Strawberry Cupcake theme song crooners to death)
24)That Audrey Hepburn book from MPH
25)All the Audrey movies i haven't watched
16)Books by Leo Tolstoy
17)A guitar
18)A large canvass and acrylic paint+beautiful scenery


JujuMcMuffin said...

"Edward Cullen(again)" haha! its not good 2 be that crazy bout a guy, sista! AND THATS MY PICTURE! I PUT IT ALREADY!

JujuMcMuffin said...

and it's wide-legged jeans! haha

Su Kyaw said...

Gosh mushroom don't u have other things to do? Like grow quietly in ur fungus invested dell???