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Thursday, October 29, 2009


I just contemplated these things today, none of which have any connection to each other:

1) Disagreements are fun because the possibilities of how it would end are countless. Adds drama to an otherwise dull life. So long as you establish that you are right of course :)

2) I found out what it would feel like to hug a sloth. It would be warm, big and stagnant, like my sister.

3) Resistance to facebook is futile. There i admit my ultimate weakness. It's like my decadent sin. See how starved of enjoyment my life is that facebook becomes the primary means of enjoyment. Yay me -_-"

4) If you have a crazy housekeeper, NEVER i repeat EVER let her solve the problem of a bottle of soda that cannot be opened. Add a mortar and pestle, a sprite bottle and a crazy housekeeper. What do you get? Apart from the obvious chaos, its this: soda froth spraying everything within a 100 m radius of it, jet stream style. Mom said lucky she didn't go blind from the exploding effect of hitting the sprite bottle with a mortar.

5) I feel like Lenka has stolen my idea for her music theme.


nay said...

I wish the day will arrive that you could differentiate between "Temper Tantrum" and " outburst of anger due to love and concern" of a morbidly tired and exhausted father due to tons of commitments.
May be day you will understand..or may be never understand in your life.
That is how real life goes on..

~Ju~ said...

Yeah noema. AND WHAT'S WITH THE SLOTH?! I aint a sloth okay? feel guilty.