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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Verbal Diarrhoea

I guess people will always talk no matter what you do...The fable that is so aptly described by the story of the donkey, father and son.
They talk if you look good or better than them.
They talk if you look bad.
They talk if you win something, accusations of big headedness and pompousness
They talk if you lose as well, of course she'd lose just look at her, doesn't even know what she's doing.
They talk if you look standoffish, they say she thinks she's all that she's put herself on a pedestal
They talk if you're friendly, look she's such a flirt she's using her wiles to get her way.
They talk if you're ordinary( wait maybe they dont)
They talk if you're different saying shsshhh i heard this about her "kind"; call it a minesweeping statement.

But you know what all this verbal diarrhoea has just got me amused in disgusted way. It's like watching hermit crabs scuttle from shell to shell whispering to each other whatever new grains of gossip the sea brings with it. The fact that they talk makes me, above all, honoured that they would pay me such a great compliment by spending time analyzing things about me. All they've got to do is ask you know. But then you'd get it with a dash of spice for sure.


Sydrah M. said...

Don't worry bout it,babe..they're just jealous of're smarter and prettier than most girls..and yeah,aikol is a cruel place..been there,done that..they can laugh at you cos you're different,but you laugh at them cos they're all the same ;)

Su Kyaw Khairun said...

Awww thanks Syd dear but i think im just an ordinary human being trying to make sense of this fucked up world. I was just so frustrated u know. I gave up trying to please people. Im resigned to the fact that ill always be different and for once im not sad about it.