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Thursday, March 4, 2010

My family is not from Mars, it's from another galaxy

My family is such a hodge podge of races. It's like a whole little global village happening there.
Let's start with my immediate family...

There's my mom who looks chinese thai even though she's not completely and my dad who could pass for chinese/a fair malay/philipino( the whole conundrum of races from the south east asian plate). Then there's my sister who looks chinese or chindian but is actually Indian inside. That's because she can amazingly pronounce words in a perfect, unperturbed Indian accent. Then there's my brother who looks( used to) Eurasian because of his dark brown hair and fair skin and sharp features. Finally there's me who feels all over the world( sometimes I can identify with the black psyche; we're all Adam's offspring...)- apparently according to my sister I am a cross between Pocahontas and a Navi( wth??)*rolls eyes* because I look like( as if it's a concession) a fair red indian native- Yay i get to talk to birds and animals and jump from random waterfalls and put freaking colours in the wind and make out with paraplegics in wheelchair while I'm blue and freakishly tall.

The race quota brims over in my youngest aunt's family. All her kids are adorable, fair, cheeky and under the age of 8( alarm bells should be ringing-there should be security council for these kids). The eldest looks Kazakhstan with a hint of chinese, the second one looks algerian, the third looks south east asian but with sharper features and the youngest looks like a puddle of white tofu; i.e eurasian/algerian. But they all have perfect Burmese diction and like Burmese food and curse in Burmese.

Then there's my grandma who's half thai-half chinese. But to me all i see is GRANDMA. She's like the template of what grandmas should look like. Round, old, quaint, very wise, much more observant than she lets on, cooks delicious food and a true patriot and very religious.

My late maternal grandpa looked like a classic Indian actor with sharp features and an aquiline nose and snow white hair and he spoke like a well bred Englishman until he bursts out in annoyance in a hail of Urdu (usually at me because no one can quite annoy and endear to him at the same time like me).

I have cousins who look Malay and can speak Malay but obviously aren't Malay. I have a purely Malay cousin brother in law who can kind of speak Burmese and has a little "Ballay" on the way.

I have a cousin who's dating a Persian girl and he could pass for middle eastern himself because he is tall( not to mention huge), fair and has those dark eyes and if he wore a turban he'd look like a perfect jihadist( sans the mane/hair/fuzz etc).

Cousins and aunts and uncles and goodness knows how we're related relatives all converge at one point, the mecca of potluck Burmese i.e; my Gran's house. Now you know why my sanity does not always toe the line. Who can when you have such strong, conflicting racial traits and genetic markers popping up everywhere around you and manifesting themselves in the form of your relatives? And i mean it not in a bad way ;)


Ju K. said...

What I think:

Shazeea said...

That's just beautiful. And it reminds me of my family =D

Anonymous said...

lmao! i agree with Jr. you ARE a cross between Pocahontas and a Navi. *hug* hahahahah

wow uve described them so well! and ure so lucky to have a mixy mix family. all very beautiful people!

Su Kyaw Khairun said...

Ju ure sore about the fact that im right.

Shazeea: Yeah ur family is very interesting as well. U guys r all so mixed n good looking! Thanks :)

Nainz: Aww nainzy, u know ure part of that family*grins widely*whether u like it or not