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Friday, March 5, 2010

Re: My disgruntled sister is still in denial

Re: My family is not from Mars, it's from another galaxy

I wasn't really happy with Suk Yaw's (also spelled as Su Kyaw) blog post on her blog, From That Cloud Number 9. First of all, I don't think I look Chindian. Yes, I'm a mix of Burmese, Thai, Chinese, Indian and something unknown from my dad's side but I don't think I look Chindian. I agree with her about my mom but not my dad. PUHLEEZE, dad doesn't look Philipino or Chinese at all! I guess my brother doeslook Eurasian but he's starting to look like Jack Black because he's gaining weight.
I never said my sister looked like a cross between Pocahontas and a Navi. I said she used to look like Pocahontas but she's a Navi now. Please don't twist my precious words. I agree with the rest. That is all.


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kyawkyawoo said...

I can not stop laughing after reading your post. By the way send me a link to your own blog.