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Monday, January 19, 2009

Heart of Glass

You give me hopes...lilting,subtle tinkling ones
that steal into my mind and surprise
Like a lost lover closing your eyes from behind
Smiling and warm until...
I see you transform at midnight's toll
into a snarling monster
You rip me into shreds and leave me to die
Caesar bleeding in the market square
Friends merging into foes dipping greedy hands in blood
That pool in a sad little crook
Of the starcrossed building

I thought you were my friend
The first of your kind
How could you hurt me so?
Did you not see my secret fears?
Do you think I'm a masquerade waiting to have her mask ripped open
to reveal what's underneath...broken, fragile thing it is...

Heart of glass,wrapped shyly in purple ribbons
Flowers twining around its throbbing crystal veins
Cupped in hesitant hands that tremble
An overt act of offering to a deity
Just to have it smashed on the dirty sidewalk
Frowned and spat at in scorn and
Worse still the ghastly indifference

If you hated me it would be bearable I'd say
Because people say " Hate is just love that's lost its way"
Maybe intuition and destiny might buoy it back to the surface
That elusive sparkling surface of rose tinted Love
Nothing hurts more than your cold indifference
Of being nothing more than a speck
A trinket of no consequence and utter insignificance
How could you treat me so?
Me who's who begging to have you hold my hand
so that you may melt my frozen fingers
And I can be whole again...

by Su Kyaw( 19/1/09)


Naina said...

Wow... wow....
I. am. speechless.
u never fail to amaze me with your writings Su.

Awesome pic to go with the writing! :)

Atieqa Joanna said...

Khairun!link me back=)
love love=)
atieqa james=P

Sit Mone said...
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kyawkyawoo said...

My Sweetheart,
Well done
and I am proud of you
to be able to produce
your thoughts into words
in such a beautiful way...
Pa Pa

kendalee said...

Beautiful - heartfelt and sad but very beautiful.

Su Kyaw Khairun said...

Papa: Thanks. Keep up the good work on ur blog!

Kendalee: Thanks hunz...hey if u don't mind can i have ur msn? Here's my facebook link-
Please add me up so i can get ur msn in the fb inbox.

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