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Friday, January 2, 2009

Stories With Sad Endings: Wilsky The Otter By Ju

This short story was written by my crazy little sister Junior. I found it so funny that I felt I simply had to share it here on Cloud 9!Hahha. Enjoy!

Wilsky was an otter. But an unusual one, he had a shiny butt. The other animals in the jungle liked his shiny butt because when it's dark, Wilsky's shiny butt shines. Wilsky lived alone in a little otter cave. He had many otter friends. An otter girl fell in love with him one day... well, maybe not with him but with his butt.

One day, Wilsky realized that his friends were really not his friends but his butt's friends. Wilsky's butt shines more than ever whenever it gets attention. Whenever Wilsky talks with his friends, they look at his butt... not him. Wilsky was lying down in his little cave and then he fell asleep feeling sad.

Wilsky heard a little voice. It was his butt. It said "SEPARATE, SEPARATE". Soon, Wilsky realized that his butt was separating from him. It hopped out of the cave saying, "I'm too good for you. I don't deserve to be connected to you". Wilsky didn't have his butt anymore. He was surpised and at the same time a little happy. People can now appreciate him for himself, not his butt.

When Wilsky went out of his otter cave, he saw his butt in a jacuzzi with its girlfriend. It was shining like the sun. His friends were all sucking-up to him. Wilsky went to talk to his friends but none of them payed attention to him. Wilsky felt sad. He was just an ordinary no-good otter without his butt, he thought.

Then suddenly, he woke up. He was dreaming. Wilsky looked at his butt which was shining more than ever. "Still here and not alive!" said Wilsky to himself. When he went out of his otter cave, he saw his friends. He asked them, "Hey guys! I wanted to ask you guys something. Are you guys my friends because of my butt?". "Of course not! You're our friend, not your butt. Okay, fine. Maybe sometimes we pay more attention to your butt but that doesn't mean you're not our friend. And besides, we don't like you because of your butt, we like you for you, your personality" said one of his otter friends. "Oh shucks! Really?" asked Wilsky. "No, of course not!" said the otter, laughing with his friends "We just like you for your butt! Hahahaha!" .

Wilsky commited suicide the next day.

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