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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Enjoying being blissfully pissed

I have't been majorly pissed off by anyone for quite a while. The culprit responsible for my anger fit is non other than my one of a kind, bratty sister Junior. Apart from feeling ashamed after a while of embroiling in a wordy duel with a 12 year old, i must give her the thumbs up(not to her face) for having the ability to rile me up this bad.

I kind of envy the maturity she has for her age, the intelligence and quick wit all wrapped up in a big blank ribbon of emotionlessness. That's one attribute that i crave...that is the very attribute that could have made me a swash buckling ass whopping debater but sadly im everything my sister isn't. If only i could have chaneled her emotionlessness and lack of response to every hurt filled word i would fling at her, im sure i would have won the novice debate 10 times over, hands down and been the best whip EVER. I am the most easily excitable, vessel of emotional energy i've ever seen. If emotion could be changed into fuel and electricity, the world would never be in want of these resources till doomsday.

I wish to God that i didn't have anger management problems and always a ready retort at the tip of my tongue to hurl back at any snide remark or insult thrown my way. If only i had my sister's lack of reactivity to such slights and instigations, i wouldn't find myself involved in wordy arguments with people more often than i'd like. But then again i can see how my sister would benefit from having a bit of fiery me in her. She's the rain to the scorching sun that i am but then again too much of one thing isn't good( gasp no surprise there).

If only our attributes were meshed together, im sure we could take over the world and i could set up my Baby Petting Zoo which is seen with a jaundiced eye by everyone and i usually get mumbles and gasps of "exploitation", " nazi" and " sadism". I just don't get some people. Where IS their creativity?? It's not like i could do it anyways and even if i did it'd make sure the BPZ did not run contrary to human rights or the Holy Quran! Such narrowmindedness does NOT help the world grow im afraid. Tsk tsk.

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