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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ballistic with bangs

Okay so I just cut myself some new bangs and unsurprisingly it was sheer horror. I now resemble something that looks like the spawn of Anna Sui and Chucky. Oh what infinite boundless joy! Sigh. I don't know what overcame me. I got so tired of waiting for mom to trim some bangs for me( mom's an awesome hair trimmer btw). Or maybe i need to get out of the non-chalant rut i'd got myself stuck in. Or an amateur hair fairy with a drawl came n worked her stupid hair magic on me. Still the end result spells the same fate: disaster. I guess it wouldn't be so bad if i let it grow a few cm...Thankfully my hair is curly and very easy to nip and tuck here and there so ive combed my unruly bangs back n my hair has a natural pouf(which makes me look like George Michael) but that's still better than letting the bangs be. Phew!

I got so depressed after that that i needed to download a whole list of songs to get me perked up again. The Kooks are just heaven sent for my mood swings. Their music has got an upbeat, youthfulness and hope to it that makes me smile again. My favorite Kooks songs are Be Mine, She moves in her own way, Seaside and Naive. Green Day is also the perfect playlist especially to relieve unwarranted frustration of an erm...hairy nature.

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