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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rest In Peace MJ

I'm really saddened by the fact that MJ has passed away at the tender age of only 50.I know the press has been churning out anti MJ stories which in my opinion are all hogwash: such as allegations of child abuse and stuff. Sure the guy is a eccentric but all geniuses do have their comeuppance in some way or other.Surely eccentricity should be the least that we should be disconcerted about. Show me a genius who isn't eccentric in some way or other and i'll show you a true blue tongue twisting liar.

Furthermore the courts haven't been able to prove allegations of abuse and all the suits filed against him. So what the law does not pick out and convict, i'd say, "Innocent till proven guilty". People and the media their pet monster, are a sick bunch. At first they'll put a rising star on a high pedestal...then once they start feeling like his success and fame is rubbing them right in their brown noses, they get envious and hey presto the mentality" If I can't beat him, he can't have it either". Sad. Pathetic and Disgusting i know.

He seemed like a deeply troubled, lonely,misunderstood figure thrust into the entertainment industry at too young an age by an overbearing, abusive, abrasive father who would whip him everytime he got a step wrong. He seems to me like a man child, soft spoken and kind and of course immensely gifted. Like someone who never fully grew up and that might explain why he would call his home the Neverland Ranch.

And i really don't like the fact that news of his faith has been sidelined. I really think it ought to give a full picture into MJ as a famous personage, what motivated him, what moved him, what ticked him, what inspired him. The act of deleting the fact that he died a muslim seems to me a childish form of freedom restriction that is surely not on par with the so called open mindedness of America.

Rest In Peace MJ~


Silver the Rojak said...

i agree. they really down played the fact that he died a muslim.

I will genuinely miss MJ. he was one of the greater musicians out there.

his songs revolved around racism, enviromental issues, gangsterism, liberty, brotherhood and the like.

he will be missed. Rest in Peace MJ. the world is a slightly more darker place without u.

Su Kyaw Khairun said...

Yeap i totally agree. If he was as bad as they say he is, then he wudnt have sung abt songs that made a difference, about the things that societies often left unchecked in their shady backyards. Im not surprised since American press is dominated by Jews so yeah, if a person is affiliated in any way with Islam, they'll practically character assassinate the person while the whole world watches, ignorant.

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