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Thursday, June 4, 2009

This is what it feels like to be 21!

So yeah Ive just crossed over to the other in the other side of the big "O". I dont feel all that different except for:

a) The warm, fuzzy, cocooney feelings i got when my besties called me up to wish me a great bday.

b) Smses along the lines of "Have fun you old hag"( I would have sulked a bit any other day but today i had such a come-what-may-attitude and was utterly thrilled).

c) My lovely family wished me Happy bday in a very erm...unique way and got smothered with hugs and kisses( somewhat disgruntled ones from Leo who saw hugging as an anti-macho act-he's going through the Superhero Macho phase).

d) I'm supposed to be getting whatever I want's pocket is suddenly generous( teeheeee :P)...with some usual only-dad-could-be-capable-of-having-such-conditions sort of conditions. Anyways im not complaining; I must say i like the extra attention. Oh why oh why can't i not get Johnny Depp or Kim Rossi Stuart or Steven Strait mailed to me by Fedex?? Anyone?? PLEASE!!!But then again dad would probably go Kim Rossi who and break their necks sigh.

e) The fact that ive planned a small celebration with my besties( well date pending but im sure it will happen before July).

f) I finally get to bust my ligaments going oh so fundabulous rock climbing(hyperventilates with excitement) and i cannot wait to( with the dawning of the big two oh one) try other recklessly adrenaline pumping stuff like bungee jumping, sky diving( where in Malaysia hmmm?)and actually joining The Amazing Race( Ok that was inspired by a wacky friend).

g) That today seems revolutionary enough(expiry time: after 24 hours mind you)that i actually believe ill end up in a nice,picturesque,artistic little house in Paris or Scandinavia with all of nature's beauty to curb my killing urges(kidding!)with a beautiful family and my soulmate(I'm allowed to be as corny and dreamy as possible on my birthday!) :)

Ps- It seems proper that I should get myself something from Forever 21 right since I am,old hag jokes aside,actually turning 21. Heheh*rubs hands in glee*

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