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Friday, May 1, 2009

I need a job that pays!

I have a whole to do list stretching to the brink of Doomsday and oh what joy!I haven't done anything about it. So yeah here it is:

1) Get a job!
2) Update wardrobe
3) Teach Leo English coz the lil git is a little bit behind.
4) DO anything to get rid of this sickly thick boredom.
5) Strategize ways to not fall flat on my ass( for grades) next sem. I cannot afford
to get kicked out of law school(as much as i'd like to in my inner fantasy world)
6) Redecorate room
7) Surf for scholarship options and network!
8) Exercise( swimming is out coz the neighbourhood pool got shut down indefinitely!
Stupid much...sigh)

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