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Monday, August 3, 2009

Another timely rant

I'm a very expressive person. I have a lot of love to give. Its the same with hate. Im a fiery ball of emotional energy. But just because i magnify every emotion a thousand fold and feel for the equivalent of a thousand people, with a thousand tears and a thousand joyous rainbows in my heart...i cannot expect others to be like me. Maybe others are like planets orbiting quietly in stark contrast to the burning sun...they dont emote that much and they dont feel as much. It is a problem for me because everything i feel i feel it deeply. When i love someone i love that person so deeply, ill place that person on a lofty pedestal and love him/her with a love so fierce that you couldnt find it even if you combed the ends of this universe and over again.

This is the love i feel for my family, especially my parents who are EVERYTHING to me and who SACRIFICED so much to make me the person i am today. God knows how fucked up i would have been if i didn't have such uniquely loving and caring parents. Which is why I am yet to dedicate a portion of this fierce love to a guy...I really cannot find anyone worth bestowing such love on and say whatever u want, id rather die single than waste my love on an insipid fool who does not have an inkling of appreciation for the love im capable of giving. Im like a loyal little puppy and i would gladly die a thousand deaths for that person...I expect so much from people. I see the world through rose tinted glasses, a romanticized world view of things that should be.

Sadly reality is a bitch and when im expecting a thick, creamy cup of freshly brewed Brazillian coffee, i get slapped in the face with a slosh of cold, diluted, cheap, roadside coffee made with fatty infused condensed milk and low quality dishware.


BaDa-BING! said...

Have you ever literally seen the world through rose tinted glasses? =)

Su Kyaw Khairun said...

Haha no but i'd like to :)

gaohui said...

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