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Monday, August 3, 2009

Dear God

Cold hands grip my throat, twist it into stiff sinews
I know not what may come
But i know i definitely am not expecting the worst
This cannot be happening

Dear God please spare my father
He's everything to me
Do not make him a casualty of the dastardly swine flu
He doesn't have a shred of evil in him
He's so good he'll put the angels to shame

Dear God please please if there has to be casualty, call me selfish, call me evil
But it certainly cannot be him
He will not be reduced to a mere statistical blot in an insignificant report
This can't be happening.
It cannot be what i think it is

Dear God spare my dad
I have to have hope that he'll get well
That the worst won't happen
Take me if you want but not him
Id die a million times over for him

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