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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Greatest Play on Earth

Pull back the curtains
The stage is set
Hearts aflame, passions conflagrant
We're all unwilling players
Like pawns and kings and queens in a bloody
game of minds
Straws pulled in a preamble
to the greatest play on earth: Life itself
You're either a hero, the villain or the dead
You'll be lucky if you survive with your head

Surely love lost and gone
And starcrossed lovers spangled across
History's fabric would swear
That throbbing pulse on your sleeve it'd tear

Time and time again the same ghostly acts play out
With different actors and props
It fools you into thinking they're different
When underneath all the musk of sophistication and newness
It is dank and rank and mundane

Love is for some people, not so for others
Look at it from outside the blown glass pavillion
A mimicry of utopia played out in a pantomime
The jester who thinks mockery is flirtation
I belong to no one and yet yearn to find
that nook id call my own


~Ju~ said...
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~Ju~ said...

Wow, it's an amazing poem. Ure great at writing. You shouldn't just let it go to waste.

Su Kyaw Khairun said...

Hehe thanks lil sis. The same applies to ur talent in writing!