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Sunday, November 22, 2009


Sometimes loneliness can sweep you away till you can't see the big picture anymore.

Sometimes i feel im pretty ugly, that only an angle flatters me.

Sometimes i feel i can't quite figure out who i am.

Sometimes I want to start over where no one knows my name.

Sometimes I want be the one finding the lucky four leaved clover when im crawling on all fours in the dark.

Sometimes I want to be able to read minds so that I can fast forward the whole messy process of the over commercialized thing called "love" or something like that.

Sometimes I want to just sit and not be tired of waiting.

Sometimes all I'd like is to be in a place with nothing but rocks and trees and water and just BE.

Sometimes I want to be that chick from Kill Bill, Yes she gets her revenge. Subtlety is futile.

Sometimes I want to be able to say it's not true that Honesty would get you killed.

Sometimes I want to stop being so fucking afraid.

Sometimes I want to just curl up with a book and a mix tape and not feel like such a misfit.

Sometimes I want to know if other people bleed just like me.

Sometimes I want to be able to let go and know that I'll be OK.


Abeer! said...

i love this. it's got so much of feeling and it's quite deep too!

Su Kyaw Khairun said...

hehe thanks Abeer!! How come u dont update urs anymore? :(

Ju said...

I LOVE THIS, DUDE! ... are u in a bad mood again?