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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pay it forward

I haven't gone all mushy over a movie since Shutter and Pan's Labyrinth but yeah Pay it Forward really tugged at my heartstrings. Yeah i am a sucker for ideals and the idea of a utopian society.
Shucks....but then how can u blame me especially since we all know the shittiness of the world we live in. So it did what movies do best, it helped me turn my back to the mess in the worldly backyard( more like graveyard) and gasp(!) actually gave a lightly simmering hope. The kind that you see in a desert as a mirage, flickering and fragile but still something to consider anyway.

The concept of "Paying it forward" is perhaps really novel because of its simplicity and the fact that it can be done by anyone. That you don't have to be a VIP or a "somebody" to be able to pay it forward. It's a brilliant idea and much lulled over in society by random acts of kindness but never spot on employed as an idea in itself.

If only everyone actually carried that plan out-but with the equivalent of a gestapo agency to actually make sure people follow through coz Utopian as the concept is, un-Utopian means must ultimately be used to successfully implement such an idea- the world might actually clean up to be pretty decent after all. Haha how ironic.

But then every once in a while you do come across those everyday heroes that do such deeds...But more often that not, they usually go unnoticed unless you are some sort of elite celebrity or pea-brained kept person of some big fish. And i really think my cousin Zin is one of those people. Most people by rote know the concept of " Do things without expecting anything in return" but more often than not its another thing entirely in real life.
Zin really sludges around in those forgotten places mingling with the forgotten refugees and people that the world doesn't give a second glance at. And he does it with such conviction and has such faith in these people without expecting any reward or gratification except for the improvement in their lives.

Others might scorn acts such as these as martyr wannabe and fruitless. "What's the point of doing kindness by a few people when no matter what you do the world will always be filled with such needy people?" It's people like Zin who are an antidote to scrawny cynicism that becomes an enemy of humanity. He does what he can with the experience that he has. No medals or credentials involved. So yeah if only more people had that kind of mindset and conviction, movies like Pay it Forward might cease to be just a movie and become something more that could actually accomplish what it sets out to do.

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