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Saturday, November 28, 2009


I love what she wrote. So apt and concise and funny, from the point of view of an insightful 13 year old about what happened on the 27th of the year 2009...oh that and a "sombre" analysis of the movie 2012 XD :


Yesterday was the 'Korban Eid'. And it wasn't even as fun as I expected. So many people fought. I just kept going to my aunt's house and back to my grandma's house every minute with my cousin (they're houses are next to each other). They did lamb this year. I don't like lamb. I never did. I like beef better. Cows. Yup. And not much people came. So it was just our clan. And our clan didn't even get along well with each other. There were quarrels and fights and arguments and feuds.

I don't know what happened this year. I guess they all went a little cookoo in the head. I wish we all could just get along with each other and be open and understanding. But thank god I didn't get into a fight. But the positive part is that I'm watching a movie and going on a vacation. Yup.

Anywayz, I watched 2012 with my family on my parent's anniversary last week. It was really good. The special effects rocked. But I thought the earth would kind of collide with another planet and explode or something. Well I guess if they made the story like that it wouldn't really be a story, would it? They'll just have to show the earth explode and then end the movie. But instead they made all the countries in the world BOOOSH WOOOOSH. Except for Africa. Why Africa? So in the movie, I died. You did too. Unless you're really weird and think you'll survive and get on that ship. You'll probably not. Because it's impossible. OH. And there were many 'impossiblities' in the movie. Like when John Cu-something (the dad) was in a van and the van fell into a crack and somehow he managed to survive. That's an 'impossiblity'. Did you notice something about the movie? Did you notice that all the people who did wrong died (I don't know why Gordon died though). Like Youri and... WAIT. Speaking of Youri, he's my favourite character in the movie. I love the way he speaks. So yeah that's what I think of 2012. AND the world's not gonna end in 2012. It's proven. But it could even end earlier than 2012, I dunno. Only God knows.


Viva La Fashion said...

i've never seen it but it looks good. :)

Su Kyaw Khairun said...

Yeah action and special effects wise it's good. Thanks for commenting :)