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Thursday, January 7, 2010

A day in the life of a LLS( Lost Law Student)

Considering the place that I call uni is so orthodox, Im surprised I still manage to have fun there.
This is what a day in my life at "uni" is like:

1) Before going to bed at night I'd set the alarm to 7 am every morning coz my classes have the audacity to start at 9 am. But then I end up waking up at 8. 30 and then rushing through everything. Coffee, a bite of toast, throw on a jubah and drive my furry little atos like blue madness on wheels.

2) Once I've parked my car, I plug my earphones in under my tudung,blocking out some of the reality-that I'm hopelessly late for class and I hate classes in the morning.

3) Once I'm in class, I put on what I call the mask of "nodding and agreeing" with everything the lecturer says so that to the stranger observing, I'd look like a dexterous student taking in every morsel of wisdom. When inside really I'm listening to "Don't touch me now" by Busta Rhymes or some upbeat music to keep me from falling asleep.

4) Or when I'm with my fellow sunlight hating friend in class, we'd sit the farthest away from the monstrous reaches of the imposing UV fingers and a) nod off or b)( more common) exchange a flurry of notes describing in intense detail the distracting baldness of our hairless lecturer and burst out in random fits of suppressed laughter.

5) During lunch time just before tutorials start, if my fellow evil comrade in arms are busy with their classes, I'd sneak in food(usually a big cup of coffee and a sandwich) from Nescafe( there's a stall) into the library and wolf the so called food down in the most unladylike fashion. It's either eat fast or die being found out. Trust me uni life is not that much different from a battlefield if you know how to draw the comparisons.

6) Sometimes if I'm really tired, I'd nod off in the library till i get a beeping sms from my FCIA asking me why the hell I'm not in tutorial; at which point I'll do what I do best, sprint, files askew to class.

7) And in tutorial, my tactic is usually "Attack to defend". In other words, it works like this: I ask the lecturer questions before he could ask US questions and give out head spinning cases to discuss. It's a 50/50 strategy. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But it involves stealth and cannot be used too many times on the same lecturer. They actually notice. Wow.

8) Then at around 5 pm, I'll drive my furry blue box home and crash onto bed like a dead log.

See what a wonderfully productive law student I am? Grandma would be proud :)


Thought Factory said...

Hahahaha, Battle field? I like the tactic you use on lecturers... And you listen to Busta Rhymes!?

Su Kyaw Khairun said...

Haha yeah i love Busta Rhymes! He's the coolest! Well ull get me if you ever come study in uia( God forbid)

Faisal "Sal" Rosli said...

hahahaha, i love this!!!! :D i ave to agree with ur friend, the tutorial tactic thingy is a must try haha. su..LEGENDARY LAW STUDENT!@!!