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Friday, January 22, 2010

Perfection in anomalies

I was going through Popular( a local bookstore) the other day and to my surprise I found an interior design magazine( forgot the name) that contained some of the images I found on noquedan...I was like whoa....This kind of stuff actually interests people HERE? Had a good but pleasantly surprised "epiphany" there. Haha. I haven't been able to update my blog for some time so here goes, a fresh batch of random snapshots that caught my eye from my favourite

Talk about edgy cupcakes! Wondermilk ( take note!

This really made me laugh out loud.

That is why elephants rock and my room rocks.

Would it be too vain to include self destruction? ;P

This is just so adorable! Nifty!

Apparently there is sushi etiquette. Now there's etiquette for eating raw meat. Wow the human race is progressing.

This is quite sad and sad things are funny to me.

Wouldn't it be funny if demolition crews started using GIANT delete buttons to destroy houses?

The tagline for this has got to be: You can wear your cake AND eat it too!

Van Gogh's Ear Mug. Haha this is an inside joke. You'll have to know about Van Gogh's ear:

This is a specially designed 45 degrees slanted exercise book. Saves all the hassle of angling your book to write. Why can't we have such books in school?

An Alfa Romeo advert describing how easy it is to buy one! XD


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