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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Il y a six ans

6 years ago....

1) I was a social misfit. I rarely let my hair down( like literally coz it was always in a permanent granite ponytail). I was panicky and socially anxious; I abhorred crowds and stuck with the same group of frenemies. Before this starts sounding like Gossip Girl I better get to the next paragraph.

2) I was just beginning to learn that I couldn't live without music...I was even a little into the goth rock and emo; the likes of Evanescence and completely sappy ones like Delta Goodrem and Mandy Moore.

3) I had no style, no distinct personality and I definitely did not know anything about makeup. Heck I didn't even have ear holes!

4) I used to ride on a van everyday for 2 hours to and back from school and brought a pillow( yes im a sleep addict and im not ashamed to admit it) to sleep out the bumpy ride. The van and the driver looked like they were part of each other and the van toasted like a burnt metal scrap piece in the sun. Thank God for the windows. Fun times though wouldn't change it for anything.

5) Six years ago I could tolerate my siblings, now the limit has exceeded. It's true what they say, children should only be seen, not heard. Period. Whoever came up with that is either a tortured genius or just was plain tortured.

6) I was so much more naive and clueless about the world and idealistic. Now I'm still idealistic but I've hardened up because the world isn't your oyster and the bed bugs are not going to leave you alone if you just shut up and keep quiet.


1) I don't think I've changed. It's more like I've found myself. Sometimes it can take years just to find yourself and I'm glad I found myself before they put me away six feet under.

2) I'm not popular but I have a true circle of close friends that I treasure and spurting drinks up your nose because of too much laughter and silly antics, is becoming a daily staple of my life.

3)And I'm happy. I've learned that you don't have to force yourself to be different just so that other people will accept you, not in the movie sense but the real life sense. Movies aren't all full of commercial generic bullshit all the time. Sometimes they do have hidden gems of wisdom. SOMETIMES.

4) I'm going to be a law school graduate in a year's time. How fast time flies. Back in the days all I wanted was to dabble in social politics and wonder about the meaning of the world like the nerd I am( which I still am) or write books whether they get published or not. Now I'm doing something I never really imagined myself doing but now that I'm in it, it seems perfectly right.

5) Hopefully I'll find my special someone and if I already have, I hope it's real this time.


zati said...

this is refreshing..a lot of thought has been poured in this one, and yes, we never actually change, we're just rediscovering things about ourselves :)

Su Kyaw Khairun said...

Thanks Zati! I love your Polaroids of Life. What an apt name ;)