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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just being a big kid at heart

Sometimes you feel like you've lived in a country for years for so long that you know all there is to know about it like the back of your hand only to discover some positively delightful areas you obviously overlooked.

Taman Tasik Perdana( Lake Gardens) was such a spot. Beautiful: check, Outdoorsy:definitely, a sprawling colourful playground complete with playthings kids would die for: check, lovely scenery: check, lakes: check, deer park: check, Bubble blowing candidates: check, Oodles of mind exploding fun: check, Scrumptious homemade food: check, Chic cupcakes made by moi: check and of course, My lovely family: CHECK!

The little sprinkly waterfall with water lilies and dragon flies and cool, crisp foliage was the bomb! My Small Fry Gang and i blew bubbles that would have made spongebob proud of us...The cupcakes I stayed up until 4 am making i think were worth all the trouble( and gloopy,sugary mess) because it tasted all the more better eating with my Clan and the Small Fry up in that delectable tree house(actually a rest area styled like a tree house) that Dad trekked and found.

Even Wee little baby Zara sensed the excitement and was gurgling with joy. Ahhh what a beautiful trinket of heavenly memories that i wont forget for years to come...


Radvixen said...

omgeee! lovely pics! u look so gorgeous and chic in the 10th pic. nice shades!!!! wowowow!
lets go thereee!!!
looks like so much fun. isnt it jus pure fun sometimes having such a huge family? i envy u !

Su Kyaw said...

Thanks!Hey babe yeah im definitely taking u there coz i know the way there! Hahha. Anyways do tell me as soon as u get well k? Cant wait to come over to ur plc. And tell ur mom i said thanks n salam.

kendalee said...

Looks like a great time was had by all, and lovely memories made to keep for a lifetime!

Su Kyaw said...

Thanks Kendalee...Yeah we had a great time. Hope u're doing well dear.


...always so nice to be kids at heart at any age for that matter!
These pics certainly make me smile...What JOY!

~Lovely weekend to you & family!

Su Kyaw said...

Thanks!! Im glad it gave someone a bit of joy. Love ur blog btw!

JujuMcMuffin said...

OMG, y did u put the pic where u were sliding down??! THATS EMBARASSING! IM NOT UR SIS!