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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Simply Scrumptious Treats

Gosh i am absolutely drooling over these sweet treats from bakerella. Check it out at
Im thinking of baking some of these divine sweet creations tomorrow. Hope i dont burn the house down. My last endeavour didn't exactly turn out that well but im hopeful.
But im ok with cakes. Its just those damn muffins and cupcakes that get on my nerves. Peace and out! Hahha


JujuMcMuffin said...

Oh so u only noticed the "one and only fab blog" thing now? I was gonna change it anyway. N ur baking tomorrow?? The last time u baked, the kitchen looked like a dungeon! No offence. But nice pics! rly nice... n i got those pics from cakespy... a site u didnt know.

Su Kyaw said...

Wow thanks a fat load shroom! See even the websites u copy from have names like "spy", "imbecile","annoying" on them hahha.