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Friday, December 12, 2008


Smells that i love:

1) The smell of rain on fresh grass
2) Lavender and vanilla
3) Jasmine tea
4) Scented mothbolls
5) The smell of fresh laundry
6) Annick Goutal's perfume
7) Lemon zest
8) Cinnamon and orange
9) Mom's tender roast beef
10) Coffee after a hard day's work or in the morning
11) The smell of a new book waiting to be read

Sights that i love:

1) Bubbles glistening in the sun
2) Flowers preferably violet or white
3) Ribbons and cupcakes
4) Waves crashing against sand dunes
5) Whimsical art
6) Liselotte watkins
7) Flickr photos
8) Lush green foliage in a forgotten dell
9) The people i love
10) Colours that "dance" under different lights like my mom's pitch black hair that
appears tawny brown under sunlight.
11) Crisp white anything preferably snowflakes( coz they're non-existent here), white linen blowing in the wind, white curtains, a pale white streak of sky amidst an explosion of sunset colours at dusk, white cars, soft white velvety dresses, white ballet shoes and rabbits.
12) Old ochre photographs of family members and ancestors

I love the feel of:

1) Cashmere and satin and chiffon and velvet and silk
2) Rivulets of clear water streaming through my hands
3) My fluffy blankets I've had since 5-they're so divinely soft!
4) Baby Zara's rosy cheeks
5) Grains of sand and pebbles on the beach
6) The wind whistling past my fingers as i parasail
7) Fur capes
8) A persian cat's lush fur

I love the sound of:

1) Music-jazz, bossa nova, indie
2) Birds chirping free abandon in the morning
3) Baby Zara's gurgles and indecipherable baby sounds
4) Water tinkling on glass under moonlight
5) Drums beating steadily like the throb of the heart
6) Merry whistling
7) Spontaneous laughter and hearty guffaws
8) Rustling newspaper of bygone days
9) A cat's contented purr
10) A car's rumbling engine
11) Raindrops pattering on my window as i drive

The taste of:

1) La Phet Thouk( traditional Burmese tea leaf paste)
2) Mom's tender curry chicken and butter rice
3) Baskin Robbins' strawberry ice cream
4) J.Cos and Coffee
5) Waffles with peanut butter and strawberry
6) Burmese pancakes
7) Bright yellow glutinous rice with crackly onions and soft peas
8) Chai tea and fluffy homemade bread with pistachios
9) Warm Milk and chocolate chip cookies
10) Pizza with layers and layers of cheese

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