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Monday, December 1, 2008

Life Quote

I'm totally entranced by this life quote of Roald Dahl's:

"My candle burns at both ends but Ah!My foes and Oh!My friends what a lovely light it gives".

And I'd certainly love to read Roald Dahl books especially the Twits, Fantastic Mr Fox and James and the giant peach in the lovely tree house above. Seems like the perfect hideaway from harsh realities ain't it?


JujuMcMuffin said...

Urm... 20 year old sis, u sound like a kid my age. but nice quote! and about that comment u left on my post, I've always had taste! But now, I have more taste(correction). thankx for d comment, oh big one!

EzzE (fb) said...

Read the twits and james and the giant peach, and the vicar of nibbleswicke from roald dahl. the simplicity of it all was totally sublime. I mean he didnt even have to resort to over the top vocabulary to help us visualise the stuff he was writing about. but i also liked the drawings in his books.. it was so cute! oh well. wish i could write like him tho. awesomee..


Su Kyaw said...

Yeah ive read the books loads of times...his books r those that u never get tired of reading, again and again. Oh yeah i wanted to read that too. Hey u shud try reading the story of Henry Sugar...awesomeness

Radvixen said...

im in love with that room in the pic. wow.

Su Kyaw said...

Thanks Nainz...i know rite? Soooo cozy...mmm