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Friday, July 4, 2008

Blessing or a bane?

Words tumble over one another, rushing
out of my mouth...
Wish it were rosebud shaped, cupid's bow, a memento of good times passed
Wish i was a princess, castle in the air
Hopes blown in silver bubbles, globules of moonlight floating in midnight sky...
A thousand shards of rainbow in my ice-cream.
But i wonder, sucking on my straw in my empty coke can,
Is that a bane or a blessing?
Through a looking glass from plainer pastures, a blessing indeed.
But to the canary doused in kerosene,
gilded cage, styled grandeur, petite diamond shoes,
dimples at east and west and tears that collect on the cusp of rosebud lips...
Is it blessing or bane?

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