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Friday, July 4, 2008

From the windowsill of the cynical romantic

Love is everywhere and love in this century is so overrated. I think it has reached its peak/climax throughout the course of miserly human history! From Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet( starcrossed lovers galore) to history's infamous Trojan Horse and Helen of Troy whose beauty set sail a thousand ships at war to movies like breakfast at tiffany's, gone with the wind, a walk to remember, the notebook, titanic. Gut wrenching love and devotion for one another throwing love lorn lovers at each other like puppets with destiny's enormous hand...and let's not forget music-from rap, hip ho, emo, goth, rop, rock, new wave, jazz, classical, pop u name it.

There's no genre of music that the nosey parker hasn't touched! Love has obstinately become the very pivotal fulcrum on which the whole of human existence turns and its becoming annoying.
I mean it's overrated...I really scorn days like Valentine's day- thats a shitload of crap that commercial opportunists are cramming into customers' love bedazzled heads to pull out fat wads of cash from their unsuspecting wallets.
Coming back to human history, its a lot like rumours they are blown grotesquely out of proportion( i know no matter how accurate historians claim it is). They all saw the romance between Helen and Paris and the jealousy and rage it invoked in King Menelaus but what about the political maneuverings and ulterior motives of power and land involved? No... people preferred to see the mushy version, they saw the flower and ignored its dirt soiled roots working hard below.

I get sick of young couples pledging undying love for each other, spurred to madness by stupid celebrity reality shows cashing in on infamous Love like " Till death do us part" ( Carmen Elektra and ex-hubby- came to a sad end, w/o love) and Newly Weds and heck, even Britney Spears hourly wedding. Eyes bold, and large locked onto their lover's, endorphine charged brains blinding them to signs that relationships need more than shots of love spurts that fizzle out like the burnt end of firecrackers once the spark is gone...that they need dedication, maintenance, wisdom, understanding and a whole package of stuff the media and history conveniently left out;that made true love what it is...not love based on sexual innuendos and MTV style " She's coming home with me tonight" sort of love so rampant these days.

And even people closer in me to reality are going on and on, beating around the bush about their new love interests. Love is mushy, fleeting, has its foundations on denial, lies and hurt. All people see is the icing of the cake, the merry, happy hour version, candy fluff and paper hearts, diamond rings and wedding cakes and sunsets that never set, a guarantee against loneliness...And yes love hurts, it can hurt you and maim you in ways the most gruesome torturers can't. It can strike deep into the soul, a haunting melody that hangs around till you die. A beautiful fractured promise of togetherness and intimacy that was never to be. Is love really worth all this? If it brings you only pain and memories that make your worst memories seem like dabbles of sunshine,is it worth the leap?Do they see this?
Yes heartbreak is explored through the very same mediums i mentioned earlier but it takes one to see it face to face to know what it looks like and believe me honey, it ain't pretty. But as it is, its also blown way out of proportion, taking precedence over more important but oft ignored issues like oppression, unfairness, tyranny, religion,injustice and other social issues that deserve as much media attention as Love and maybe more... People jump off bridges because of the big B word, friendships ruined, lives tainted, a string of commercial enterprises launched and companies set up.
Love is a foolhardy emotion and true love exists for the select few who can see it w/o the eyes of this world...


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