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Friday, July 4, 2008


I was made to realize that people are how shrek described himself " like an onion". Of course everyone laughed when shrek said that, the comparison of a human being to an onion, how hilarious and uncalled for! But then come to think of it, that description is deeply philosophical. And true. Forget about philosophy and lets just stick to truth. coz thats what people are most like, i mean of course physically we smell bad if we don't shower and maintain daily hygiene blah blah blah, like an onion.

Truth is people, on a less shallower or should i say physical level like onions- have many layers or personalities that peel away to reveal a fresh,new person underneath not unlike how you pull out a tissue and there's a new one right there where you pulled out the old one. You think you know them until u end up pulling out the tissue, which by the way wasn't as hard to pull as you thought...then a stranger comes out and all of a sudden you question your r/ship with that person, what it means to be close and how you've misread him/ her all this while...
Thing is what happens to the onion when all the layers r peeled away? There is no layer left to peel off. If this was to be related back to my ramblings about human personality, then do we cease to be, the "I" once the layers are all peeled out. Or do we find a small, contrite little layer, the same as all its predecessor layers, same texture, look, feel, smell-everything the same except the size. For all its grandeur, for all its panache and numerous layers that gave it shape and made it feel like something, what lurks underneath? The fire-cast shadow of a little stick figure engorged on false promises and realities dancing on the wall of the cave. A little piece of nothingness, a layer of the same sameness and without the protection of its extra skins...omg i cant believe im analyzing an onion!
this is too funny to be true!

Sometimes its the same with friends. You think time speaks for itself that its long passage over your life with your friend in the front carriage defines closeness and that you know enough about that person. Until one day you find out that you've been as close as you can get to a rock...At times the revelation is subtle, at times it comes noisily with a bang, an uninvited percussion band but it comes all the same and unsettles you. How thinking you and your friend hold the same ropes to life only to find out what you've been denying to yourself about her all this while. That her values are contrary to mine...

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