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Monday, July 28, 2008

The Fates and the Pied Piper

Mockery and derision go hand in hand
People u thought u knew dissolve like a mirage
Promises of things to be forming like larks in ur mind that disappear with the setting sun
Cruel irony it is...the honest stranger shot to death by a dazzle of arrows
Honest words, kind compliments, sincere unrolling of the heart's map kicked aside
whilst the mean hearted hypocrite arches her back,
Basking in the glory of her slap dash reign on servitude
Mesmerized the unthinking horde follow her
The pied piper of Decay...all wanting to wash their hands in Caesar's blood
A well keeled word from the damnable piper can mean the difference between
climbing the shining rungs of high society,
or grovelling forever beneath the stampede of hastily polished boots
Your destiny like a warped thread between Atropos fatal blades
Koltho would wince at the way her whimsical weaving was handled
With disdain and foppery by the Pied piper who claimed to know everything and nothing at once
Lakhesis her lithe brows crinkled in consternation...
would ponder why nimble measurements were swayed off course by the devious Piper
Threads fall silently to the cold floor, offered up in sacrifice to the Piper under
guise of good tidings
that would never come to be.
A distant cry in the horizon, the fleeting thump of wings on a hummingbird's back.
Then all is quiet, the world settled with dew, cool dawn and crisp green foliage.
Why do we go after things that break us?

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