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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dead seconds interview...haha

Nothing beats...

The OC or Dawson's Creek?
*OC coz Mischa Barton's character dies

I'd like to super size...
*my mental dexterity

What advice would you give your younger self?
*Trust no one except ur fem

If you could reprogram yourself, what one trait would you leave out?
*addiction to sleep/coffee

I always mispronounce...

What question should they ask Miss America or Miss Universe contestants?
*Before we proceed are you sure you have enough brains to answer the following questions, CORRECTLY?

Who is your nemesis?
*the guy who's higher than my arch nemesis

I sleep on my...

If I had to jump from the top of a building, I'd prefer to land in...
*the Nile

My name should be listed in the Wikipedia entry for...
*being the painfully self aware depreciationist/ sadist with a weird sense of humour

What are the strangest two foods you've combined together?
*hmm peanut butter and banana

Tom Cruise: crazy town, or misunderstood?
*crazy town

Ah! To be young and...

No matter how desperate I was for a guy/girl, I'd never...
*tell him how much i liked him unless he initiated first

I feel naked without my...
*lipgloss & benetint :)

If I were a super hero, my super suit would be made out of...
*diamond and steel

What's the most recent dream you remember having?
*stuffing myself with cupcakes and chocolate yumm

I wish my cell phone had a...
*fuchsia cover

Glasses or contacts?

What music should they play at your funeral? (example: Get On Up)
*The killing moon-nouvelle vague

The best music comes from...
*the least known bands

I think Global Warming is...
*an antidote to commercialism/materialism/stupidity

Use the following words in a sentence: pink, dirigible, luckily, phonics
*I have a pink dirigible which luckily fell out of the sky which i use to teach phonics to my cat?

Voldemort or Sauron?
*tough choice...i think ill go with Voldy coz the name's cooler

I like my men/women how I like my...

For the talent portion of the competition, I will...
*do stand up comedy?

Thongs are...
*yucky & for sluts!

If you had to get a tattoo, what would it be?
*Zip A Dee Doo Dah(go figure)

Who is the funniest person you know?
*Me? Im being honest

If you had an extra toe, what would you do with it?
*Er like toes could do anything...maybe trip someone n jokingly say " Right I couldn't have tripped u if i had an extra toe!"


Spark of Silence said...

I feel naked without my...
*lipgloss & benetint :)


whats benetint anyway :S

Su Kyaw said...

Oh hahah benetint! Ask naina! -_^