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Friday, July 4, 2008

Here goes another rant

Wearing a hijab I think liberates a woman! Otherwise all the materialistic and commercial bullshit will leave u in want of something or other no matter how pretty or perfect you are. Hypocrisy runs rampant in today's society unchecked-this is evident when magazines brazenly claim that beauty is what's inside only to mock it with the next page spread of scientific findings that claim good looking people have an edge in life over the average looking ones! What kind of "idiocy" is that? Its really unfair and it tears your subconcious mind into fragments trying to piece these two non-cohesive ideals together! Its a paradox cloaked in modern mockery, embellished with "norms" of the new age and crap like that. Yet for a big talker, I am a hypocrite too because I don't yet have the guts or the commitment to live life according to my ideals. I wish God would give me the strength to wear a Hijab before its too late...sigh. Everything is so focused on looks! Looks! And looks! The only part of soul thats touched on is "Being yourself", "developing your personality". As if adding a plastic sheet of "spirituality" on the folder of humanity defines us. I'm torn constantly in two opposite directions too. I hope God will give me the grace to reconcile my inner clashes...

When one wears a Hijab, a guy cant rate your body, we don't have to care how guys assess us based on how we look but rather on our real self, our values, dignity and good family upbringing. The world would be a much better place if the human race were obedient and for once admitted that they didn't know everything. Like in those magazines, one sees frustrated girls asking for guy advice and they give advice on "how to nab that hottie"..." How to get any guy u want"...All these things that fall short of throwing oneself in the sack with every possible candidate for one's future babies! Its degradation masked beneath a sly sheet of female empowerment when actually the laugh is on us! Its the men who are smarter, who's got us thinking we've got the reins when they are the ones controlling how we think of ourselves ON THEIR TERMS! Its not female empowerment at all-its the female population willingly giving the key to their dignity and their sacred selves away to their male counterparts; letting them use it to indulge their sexual needs. All under the mask of FEMALE EMPOWERMENT!

And when you think of prostitution and pornography being legalized in "Open minded" countries like Germany, it makes a person with enough grey matter at least to fill an eggcup think...How is this "empowerment" beneficial to women when it is women who are being given a license to fulfill every sexual need put on their doorstep. It turns women into sex objects. A Thing. You use it and then you dump it. Period. When they should be given the respect they deserve!I now realize this is what the hijab hopes to do...but humans like cattle and sheep follow blindly whenever the biggest, stupidest of the flock jumps over the cliff. We in retrospect are no different from sheep.
But I still detest girls who wear hijab without reflection on its purpose, who wear it grudgingly only because their mother and their mother's mother and so on before them has worn it. Almost as if with sentimental value that binds traditions and generations and less as an injunction from God and even less without knowing and understanding why one has to wear it.
I'd rather not wear one then wear it with IGNORANCE, without any true commitment and conviction and half heartedness with a vague idea floating about in that empty canvass called a skull that God wants women to wear it. And therefore they wear it and dream of a free ticket waiting for them in the transitory bellboy's lap pocket to heaven.


Shazeea said...

Reminds me of this song.

Sarah Iqbal said...

kaung ma..ur such a good writer! i envy u woman!! =p

Anonymous said...

kaung ma.. haha damnit i forgot what that means. This is Liy btw :P Woshhh I should switch from lj to blogspot harhar.

"When one wears a Hijab, a guy cant rate your body"

They can't rate...but it doesnt mean they won't stop thinking haha. I dont think anything would stop guy's xray vision


by right, the first thing that comes to their mind when they see someone wearing hijap is she has good character instead of thinking "damn what a hot bod!" SO hijap reflects character...something that is lacking among ppl nowadays!

You can't actually wait for a time to come, only then you want to wear. Ppl tend to do that all the time..say I'll wear it when....but very few actually do it. You have to make the move yourself and just go for it.

Sarah Iqbal said...

it means "woman" liy! hahaah

Su Kyaw said...

Ahaha! Thanks Ser dear! Liy and shazeea too!

Adamgv said...

Women need to be empowered more in general. They need to use their looks for good rather than use them for personal selfish persuits. When you get a moment check out:

Su Kyaw said...

Thanks Adam GV...i will check out the site!